SUNY Corning Community College — Corning, New York

Is Community College a Good Choice? Yes!

A community college education is just as valuable as any other — and in some ways — better. Community college offers students a fast start right into their post-secondary education. There’s a lot to get accomplished in that short time and it can be challenging. But, it does prepare students for the workforce — and for life. Community colleges are affordable and convenient. Being in “the community” students have the flexibility to work and study around their own schedules.

Community colleges, such as SUNY Corning Community College, offer a variety of pathways, such as healthcare, engineering, business, computer sciences and more. Consider cybersecurity. You can get started at community college, earn some certs, transfer, head to grad school and enter a very in-demand field. A degree in just about any field can prepare you for opportunities in many fields you may not have even thought of!

Community colleges offer first-rate education and hands-on learning. Courses often involve actual work in labs and may include workforce partnerships with industries in the community. At community college, you’ll focus on learning, not just “going to college.”

It’s not all work and no play!

Community colleges offer plenty of clubs, activities, theater, music, recreation, trips and sports at community colleges may offer greater opportunity to stand out as athletes by not competing with juniors and seniors for parts or positions. SUNY Corning Community College has a 250-acre nature center, a planetarium, residence halls and a unique ceramics program with two wood-burning kilns. Not only that, SUNY CCC is in the Corning, NY community — which was just voted the country’s #1 public square!

SUNY CCC is about community and it’s about you. Go to college. Then, go anywhere. Start at SUNY Corning Community College.




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Jeff Macharyas

Jeff Macharyas

Executive Director for Communications and Marketing at SUNY Morrisville in Madison County, New York.