Faith in Corning

Jeff Macharyas
3 min readJun 23, 2021


Faith Rodriguez, at SUNY Corning Community College. Photo by Jeff Macharyas

Faith Rodriguez came all the way from Bronx, New York to attend SUNY Corning Community College — about 300 miles. Director of Marketing, Jeff Macharyas, spoke with Faith to learn why she chose to attend SUNY Corning Community College.

JM: How did you learn about CCC?

FR: I played softball, in the same travel league, with [SUNY CCC alum, Yvonne Hartridge], and saw her swing and said to her, “you’re not from around here; you must be from somewhere else.” Yvonne said that Stacy Johnson [SUNY CCC Softball Coach] is looking for players and to take a look at Corning Community College. Plus, I wanted to get away from home to go to college. This was my introduction to Corning.

I took a 4-hour bus ride to Corning when I was a junior, got to know the campus, stayed a few hours, took a tour to see the softball field and returned the same day on another 4-hour bus ride, getting home around 9pm. I looked at a few other schools in the NYC area, but I wanted a chance to be independent, try something new, and take a big step.

Shortly thereafter, I came back to sign a letter of intent, commit to CCC, and my family took a tour — it was their first time seeing the campus.

What have you been doing here at CCC and what do you find unique about it?

Well, I’m an RA at Perry Hall [the campus residence hall]; living on campus is very helpful and convenient. I get to meet new people, and, it’s a lot different life from being at home. I was kinda shy before I came here, but meeting new people helped. Being from The City, this is a different life, there are no sirens every five minutes!

I feel very welcome here. I first thought that people would look at me differently because of where I was from, but that is not the case here. I thought the whole world was like the Bronx. I went up to Watkins Glen for the first time to see the area, which was really nice. Nearby friends show me around the area, too. And, it was here that I actually got to see the Amish! Coming from the Bronx, I wasn’t really sure what I was seeing!

The RAs [resident assistants at Perry Hall] are very interactive with students and bring in diversity to bring in a sense of community and have fun in a stress-free environment. Weekend tutors are a big plus — you don’t have to go anywhere to get tutoring — they are right upstairs and always available.

What do you do, or have done here, at SUNY CCC?

I’m on the softball team — I’m a catcher. I had some knee trouble, so I didn’t get to play the whole season. I’m an RA at Perry Hall, and a student worker with Student Life and with Admissions.

What advice or words of wisdom would you give to others who are considering going to college and especially to people from your home area to consider going to a community college a few hours away?

If you are thinking about it, coming out to check out Corning is worth it, because you’re thinking about it for a reason, it doesn’t hurt to try new things.

What your plans are for future?

I’m applying to the nursing program next fall [at CCC], to become an RN, then go to work first, and maybe continue my education later. I’d like to live and work around Downingtown, Pennsylvania, where I have family, it’s about an hour west of Philadelphia.

Thank you, Faith, for speaking with me today and sharing your story.

Thank you.

Interested in following Faith’s lead and enrolling at SUNY Corning Community College?

Great! Give us a call at 607–962–9151 or email See you soon!



Jeff Macharyas

Director of Communications at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, NY